Exhibit Hall Interview – Jake Richmond of Atarashi Games

We talk with Jake Richmond of Atarashi Games, the creator or co-creator of Panty Explosion Perfect, Classroom Deathmatch, GxB (Girl x Boy), BxB (Boy x Boy), and Ocean. Jake is the man behind popular webcomic Modest Medusa! Podcast: Play in new window … Continue reading

Exhibit Hall Interview – Cam Banks of Margaret Weis Productions

We venture into Gen Con’s massive exhibit hall to talk with celebrated Cortex Plus designer Cam Banks of Margaret Weis Productions about Marvel Heroic Roleplaying and more! Hear what is likely Gen Con 2012′s only recorded shout-out … Continue reading

This Just In… From Clyde! An interview with Elizabeth Shoemaker Sampat

In his second long-form interview for This Just In… From Gen Con!, Clyde talks with Elizabeth Shoemaker Sampat, creator of indie RPGs like Blowback, They Became Flesh, and It’s Complicated, and designer on online social games such as Pettington Park and Ghost Recon … Continue reading